GZ doesn't simply talk about quality control. We have a strict quality control system on before, during and after production .

Before production, we carefully sort and select our raw materials to ensure that they are of the correct grade. During production, our quality inspectors take random samples from the production line every day to confirm quality. After the product is finished, we randomly take samples from the packaging and send them to our own lab for testing.

2. Product testing

4. 35 -year warranty

We always believe that only great machines can makes high and stable quality

That's why GZ is open to investing big money in advanced machines.

For example,Regarding the T&G, we use Homag machines that imported from Germany, which allow us to produce very accurate and stable quality products.

6. Competitive price

5. Professional team

Because the employees are active and experienced, our production team is very efficient.

On the other hand, due to the good management of the team, all orders will be arranged carefully, and the progress of orders will be updated every day.

Since we use advanced machines so that the maintenance rate is very low, will not often stop working because of the maintenance of machines

These are the main reasons why we can guarantee the delivery date.

1. Strict quality
control system
Not every company that manufactures wood flooring is as serious as GZ.

To make sure the products are up to par, we build our own lab, and for every order, we take random samples for boiled test, formaldehyde emission test, and wear-abrasion tests.

3.The most
advance machines
Currently most manufacturers have a 20-25 year warranty on their products.

However, we are so confident in our products that we give our customers a 35 year warranty. You can also be more confident when marketing to your customers, andwe always have your back.

A team of professionals

GZ has a lot of experienced employees, with an average of 15 years in the wood flooring industry, and some of them have been in the business for 25 years.

Take Master Chen, our verneer sorting master, who has been doing this for 25 years. Besides his rich experience, Master Chen is also very patient. GZ is glad to have such an experienced and responsible employee.

Basically all the production steps, including plywood production, are completed by GZ itself, thus we can control the cost more clearly. Compared with trading companies or some factories that only produce some parts in their own factories, our prices are more competitive.

7. Timely delivery

Are you a manufacturer or a trader ?
What are your main products ?
What's your MOQ ?
What're your main markets ?
Where is your factory located in ?
What are your main species ?
Do you have CE or CARB2 certificate ?
Do you attend Domotex ?
Absolutely We're a manufacturer.
Engineered flooring, solid flooring , SPC.
We're easy to start business, 500m2 can be a start order for us to cooperate.
Actually, there is no limit on the market.We have been exporting to USA,Canada, Italy, Netherland,Australia,India, Japan and Korea,etc.

GZ FLOORS is located in Lu-Ancity, Anhui province.
Around 3 hours from Shanghai to our factory by train.
Oak, American walnut, Birch , Acacia and other species.
Yes, Except for CE, CARB 2,we're also JAS,FSC certified.
Yes, we attend Shanghai Domex and Hannover Domotex every year.